Our goal at Dousman Transport is to keep your child safe while riding the bus to and from school. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, our safety record is one of the best. You can help us by reviewing the “Rules of School Bus Safety” with your child. Then post this reference information in a prominent place for quick review. Dousman Transport appreciates your help in transporting “THE WORLD’S MOST PRECIOUS CARGO” – your children.


  1. Be Safe at the Bus Stop and Getting on the Bus.
    1. Arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes before the bus is to arrive.
    2. Wait in a safe place, clear of traffic and away from where the bus will stop.
    3. Wait in an orderly line and avoid horseplay.
    4. Wait for the hand signal from driver before crossing any street!
    5. Go directly to your assigned seat when entering the bus.
    6. When exiting the bus, move away as quickly as possible and never cross behind the bus.
  2. Remain Seated in Assigned Seat Unless Driver Grants Permission to Move
    1. When bus is stopped, ask the driver if you may move.
    2. No kneeling or turning your body completely around.
    3. You may speak to others in your seat or across the aisle.
  3. Keep Hands, Feet, and Objects to Yourself.
    1. Backpacks should be placed on the floor under your legs, or held on your lap.
    2. Hitting, punching, kicking, grabbing, throwing, pushing, spitting, and pulling hair will not be tolerated.
  4. Keep Bus Neat and Orderly.
    1. Please dispose of waste materials, candy wrappers, etc. in the basket provided when the bus has stopped or put them in your pockets.
  5. Talk in Normal Voice.
    1. Please use an “indoor” voice when on the bus.
    2. No screaming, shouting, screeching or loud abrupt noises.
  6. Do Not Extend Your Head, Arms, Hands or Objects Out of the Bus Windows.

School Bus Danger Zone Guide